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The person that has ham Long Guo knows, this kind of fruit tastes smell is very sweet, and have effect of a lot of health care to the body, for instance firedrake fruit contains rich crude fibre and prandial fiber, ate to be able to promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach so, very good to treating constipation to haveForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The effect, it is OK to eat firedrake fruit additionally compensatory calcium, phosphor, iron, potassium, the microelement such as magnesium, so can firedrake fruit eat together with the egg?

Can firedrake fruit and egg eat together?

Can firedrake fruit and egg eat together?

Possible, both food is not overcome, be at ease please, a dish tastes: Fruit of fragile blast firedrake, those who use is the egg hangs paste, fruit of wrap up firedrake, it is next inside oil scamper is made, the Sa Shangzhi after coming out finally hemp, white sugar.

Firedrake fruit can eat together with the egg.


Egg + antiphlogistic piece: Eat together can toxic

Egg + snow lotus fruit: Go against1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The absorption of protein

Egg + yam: Eat together can bellyacke

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+ saccharin: Saccharin eats together with unripe egg can cause toxic

Egg + soft-shelled turtle: Sexual Xian Ping, pregnant woman and postpartum constipation person diet

Egg + persimmon: Diarrhoea, unripe stone

Egg + gourmet powder: Egg itself contains a lot of as identical as gourmet powder component glutamic acid, gourmet powder is put when scrambling egg so, cannot add bright flavor not only, the natural delicacy flavour that can be destroyed instead and masks an egg

Egg + rabbit meat: The material that easy generation stimulates intestines and stomach to cause diarrhoea

Can firedrake fruit and egg eat together?

Fruit juice of firedrake fruit egg face practice

Material of face of roll of fruit juice hand prepares: Flour: (400 grams) firedrake fruit: (1) egg: (2)

Salt: (2 tea spoon) Wen Shui: (right amount)

The first pace: After salt is being added in flour, infiltrate egg, use chopstick agitate, join right amount Wen Shui next.

The 2nd pace: The dough with good Tang is taken out from inside the basin, forcibly knead 3 arrive 5 minutes, binding off is gadarene, with the hand first squash.

The 3rd pace: Scatter above pink, open dough roll with rolling pole, roll becomes thin bedding face piece.

The 4th pace: Cut fine, the noodle that has cut is pulled open with the hand.

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The 5th pace: Mix the stew in soy sauce of meat of dish of bright shrimp sauce that has made beforehand, the hand roll surface with sweet cool gush leaves eat.

Can firedrake fruit and egg eat together?

Can banana and firedrake fruit eat together:

Firedrake fruit banana can be fed together.

Firedrake fruit can embellish bowel is aperient, can avoid anemia, can reduce cholesterol content, still can make skin becomes beautiful white. Banana also can help defecate of peristalsis of intestines and stomach, help, banana is returned can hairdressing is raised colour, calm the nerves fight depressed. Feed together have profit more. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Banana and egg eat a law to introduce here, this can eat together with firedrake fruit.