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Field mint is alive inside bound limits distributing extensively, and people of the each country on the world prefers edible mintShanghai noble baby

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, because the flavour of field mint is very special. And the utility of field mint also is very broad, can take bubble mint water not only, still can add in other something. But a few people are put in a kind of such circumstances however, that often eats to be not drunk namely bring about oneself to be opposite field mint addiction. Does a person eat field mint addiction what to kind of harm you can cause so?

The harm of field mint addiction

Does field mint candy eat much what side effect is there?

1, mucous membrane of exciting oral cavity. Often eat green mint candy is mucous membrane of can exciting oral cavity in great quantities, cause oral cavity cutaneous even red, broken;burst;ulcerate;fester and erosion, cause a series of oral cavity diseases, cause the pathological change before oral cavity cancer even.

2, the bacterium is invaded. Although field mint candy can have to respiratory tract disease,fight phlogistic action, can make skin blood capillary outspread, medicinal powder heat increases, but also can stimulate oral cavity mucous membrane at the same time, bring about horn of oral cavity mucous membrane to change a layer to add thick, phlogistic sex bacterium is invaded, make oral cavity mucous membrane is damaged.

The harm of field mint addiction

3, cause fat. Because the general quantity of heat of field mint candy is very high,this is, research makes clear, the 100 quantity of heat that capture edible mint candy are as high as 400 much kilocalorie, this quantity of heat seized human body what require energy everyday 1/4 of 1500 kilocalorie, belong to food of high quantity of heat, personage reducing weight wants special avoid certain food.

The harm of field mint addiction

2. takes field mint candy meeting addiction

What addiction points to is us to some kind of thing loved to become a kind of hobby, also point to depend on medicaments, when stopping to take drug, can bring about semiotic recrudesce, cent is materially addiction and mental addiction. A lot of people like to take field mint candy, arrived cannot the degree of extricate oneself, they plant this behavior is accusingForum of Shanghai night net

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The certain part in field mint candy lets their addiction. Is the fact such really? Actually, make without any meetings in field mint candy the composition of person addiction, we feel him addiction, result from our oneself is right of field mint candy crazy love, and contain power not quite strong, cannot prevent oneself to eat no longer. This is one kind is opposite food loves normally, not be ill, stop for some time not to eat when you, won’t want naturally to eat. Nevertheless, candy of many edible mint is harmful to human body, cause oral cavity disease particularly easily. Accordingly, when us him feeling is opposite of field mint candy loveA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Arrived cannot the degree of extricate oneself, we butA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Come with trying to have a few substitute abate we are right of field mint candy crazy love. For instance, when you want to take field mint candy, can replace with the fruit, because our mouth is doleful,because of a lot of moment we want to have a thing is, Fall in love with the sea

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Only should the thing can be chewed won’t generate the idea that wants to have some type thing.