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Pear is a kind of fruit that we often eat, dispute of a few pear eats appropriately to often have profit when the person is healthy at ordinary times, it can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, can help the person’s assimilation, be in especially intestines and stomach is badA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Prevent costive effect well, but in stomach-ache when, had better not eat pear, because pear is belonged to cold feed capable person coolly, this may bring about gastralgia accentuation.

Can stomach-ache eat pear

Can stomach-ache eat pear

1, intestines and stomach is bad to eat unripe pear less

Slant as a result of pear sex cold, and contain many fruit acid, it is one of fruits that hurt a stomach, the person with bad intestines and stomach had better not have the thing of raw or cold food, so unripe pear should eat less, the burden of can aggravating intestines and stomach, to bowel1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The stomach causes loss, the person with bad intestines and stomach but the food with much lukewarm feeding habits.

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2, gastritis or gastric ulcer careful feed

Gastritis and gastric ulcer patient at ordinary times food this are special attention, raw or cold food is acrimony and fat food is inedible, pear belongs to the food of raw or cold food, the person that has gastric ministry disease so does not eat pear, ate to may accentuate illness.

Can stomach-ache eat pear

3, but right amount eat ripe pear

If be to want to eat pear really, that is right amount eat a few ripe pear, pear does ripe cold sex to be able to be reduced, and ripe pear is better digest, can join red jujube tremella to wait boil Shang Lai edible.

Eat pear to have what profit

1, reduce cold odds

The person that has more pear is far than do not eat or having the person of pear less cold machine rate wants low. So, scientist and doctor call pear ” all-around healthy fruit ” or call ” whole family doctor ” . Air pollution is more serious now, eat pear more ameliorable respiratory system and lobar function, protective lung avoids the effect of the dirt in getting air and soot.

2, protect a heart

Rich B is contained in pear a group of things with common features vitamin, can protect a heart, reduce fatigue, enhance cardiac muscle vigor, reduce blood pressure.

3, stomachic

Without appetitive the friend can take some of pear, because many vitamin is contained in pear, easy be absorbed by human body, stomachic, have protective effect to liver.

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Can stomach-ache eat pear

4, clear heat is composed

Pear sex is cool and can clear heat is composed, often feed can make blood pressure returns to normal, improve the symptom such as giddy dazzled.

5, prevent cancer to fight cancer

In recent years, the incidence of a disease of our country cancer is in lift ceaselessly, eat to pear can prevent effectively and reduce the happening of cancer more, everybody does not have a thing to be able to eat pear more at ordinary times, the precaution of as soon as possible conduces to health.

6, eliminate constipation

Winter climate is drier, human body lacks water in great quantities, some friends can have costive symptom, might as well at that time eat someFall in love with the sea

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Pear, because reach fiber because of woodiness,wait for stone cell assemble and become, can stimulate alvine canal, can dismiss costive concern.