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In the tournament of countrywide man ice hockey that has yesterday afternoon, harbin and Beijing team produce group of hit because of controversy goal, tall of renown mouth Han gives birth to angrily rebuke the disgrace that this is Chinese ice hockey. Below small make up for say why ice hockey can fight, ice hockey fights regular!

A lot of fan surpass the affray incident on field to express to indissoluble to this ice hockey, think ice hockey field ought not to fight, the affray that go up below is regular, league matches of partial ice hockey allows to fight happen: ① ice hockey is to allow the; ② that sheet carries not to allow a third party to join sheet to carry player of banquet of; ③ bench to cannot attend a war. As to why affray, the expert says: Fight let ice hockey become safer deterrence, we are not soft eggs, the person that bullies us is retreated with respect to impossible whole body! , achi上海夜网论坛

eve thereby make each other judge.

Every team has technical talented person is in charge of technically fighting, this calls person of carry out a death sentence (Enforcer) , besides fight to still be in charge of protection notching player.

Very can gentle mutual signal is returne上海贵族宝贝论坛

d before 1. is hit, use an eye first orthoptic the other side expresses to want sheet to carry, 2. Throw away next glove and ball lever, 3. Another is hit to, can atttack the other side from the front with hand attack only. 4. Make a victory or defeat pull open by the judgme上海夜网

nt again, it is to sentence commonly punish end a few minutes, 5. Must not atttack g上海贵族宝贝论坛

oalkeeper, group of hit that if atttack goalkeeper,can suffer team member of the other side and hit also hit in vain. This kind fights is encouraged, the audience also loves to look.

If hereat meaning issues a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes, use weapon in family backside for instance of what be about to ban contest and amerce, division collect of 4 years pulls much avalanche to take adult line to Wengehuajia, beiertuqi lags behind because of score next be ashamed into anger wears a glove to hold adversary of rip up the back concurrently, and be punished 500 thousand U.S. dollor.

So why can ice hockey regulation allow to fight?

Because the person is in,ice speed is very fast, the speed with football, basketball is two kinds of concepts.

So rapid rate, the antagonism that brings about ice hockey is very strong. Collide in g上海夜网论坛

reat quantities on ice hockey field then, antagonism, cause very easily fight incident. 1904 a year, 4 ice hockey athletes die at field force.

Outspread read: Tounament of countrywide man ice hockey group Ying Dazhi of beat up video child does experience weigh a fist to assault Ying Dazhi child respond to Quanjin to surpass group of beat up: ? The other side of? of Bi of Gong Yi discharge arrives unworthily related acme read: Ning Zetao and ” twin brother ” Song Andong basks in group photo: Should let him teach me to hit Duan Weisheng of battl上海贵族宝贝

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