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Just finish the level that the excision operation of gastric polyp still perhaps is regaining, want to notice to do the health care of good food in this moment, can absorb the food of a few protein and tall nutrition more, for instance egg, the flesh kind, fish, but must do delicately, such meetings more conduce to digest and absorb, to prevent a stomach polypous meeting produces canceration, should want to insist to make the inspection of gastroscope every year, excise polyp clean.

 Just finished what can gastric polyp eat

Dietary health care

The stomach is benefit after polypous operation restore at the heal of cut and physical strength, need to absorb contain high protein to be mixed character the food of tall vitamin, be like: Egg, flesh kind, vegetable of fish, legume, milk and fruit, greenery, alsoLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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That is to say, alimental sort does not want special restriction, nevertheless, digest ability to suit decrease, should be in alimentalForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Qualitative respect makes measurable adjustment. The food after gastric polyp operation nurses roughly the following needs to notice, offer reference only, the patient should carry out food according to doctor’s advice.

 Just finished what can gastric polyp eat

Precaution nurses

To prevent gastric polyp canceration, should insist to make gastroscope inspection every year, will polypous excision is clean, in addition, want to strengthen ego health protection, live eat and drink this closes, do not give a stomach aggravating responsibility as far as possible, as long asLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Everybody raises vigilance, but close the door on of cancer of the stomach. Shanghai noble baby

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Pathology pathogeny

The pathogeny is at present unidentified. Gastric polyp is to show epithelial protruding enters traceable stomach mucous membrane the upheaval pathological change inside the stomach.

 Just finished what can gastric polyp eat

The disease is diagnosed

Gastric polyp can be divided on itself pathology for proliferous sex and adenoma sex two kinds, latter canceration rate is higher (30% ~ 58.3%) , because this work organizes pathology examination to differentiate, define clinical treatment program.