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The liquor culture of our country is very long, and the habit that the person of different area drinks alcohol is different also, the north that is in our country drinks alcohol more general. The sort of liquor is very much, unaccustomed drinker can have hot the feeling that suffers from again, but what reason is liquor suffering? Alcohol uses commissariat brew, take a place acrid also be normal, but if place this kind is acrid after period of time1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Can disappear, leave aroma taste only.

Liquor suffering is what reason

To the wine of pure grain brew, contain in wine acrid it is again normal do not pass. Nevertheless, the precipitation of this kind of acrid meeting as time is lighter and lighter, straight1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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To disappear till. Why to say sauce is sweet so model liquor jumps over Chen Yue’s popular account come out now from the body in these detail.

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But why can you take in wine acrid? Original, in wine acrid the advanced alcohol that is excessive, amber acid and a few Chan Ning causes, still more candy aldehyde and phenolic apperception add up to content to cause. Actually, the taste of the advanced alcohol in minim material is bad, besides alcohol of different the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem small sweet outside, the alcohol of the others is bitter, some is acrid heavy and long.

Still have even if, cause bitter the reason follows raw material and craft to go up to also matter.

Liquor suffering is what reason

1, the raw material of liquor brewForum of Shanghai night net

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It is commissariat cereal commonly, if use, is mildewy cereal the case that sends suffering with respect to meeting occurrence wine, so, the requirement is steamed former complementary material.

2, the amount that use music is too large, in the brewing process of liquor, need music medicine to ferment when saccharification agent, if become when distiller’s yeast dosage is too big, content of protein matching flooey is high, the cheese ammonia acid in ferment reacts via microzyme biochemistry generation cheese is mellow, it is sufferred from not only, and flavour is long.

3, miscellaneous bacterium infection, this reason may be to be in manufacturing process, up to mark is done not have in equipment and establishment and cause, fermenting during many penicillium; ferments, the existence in groove seals bucket mud impropriety for example, bring about much air is entered inside the bucket, collect sewageShanghai Long Feng forum

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, so, these can be the generation in wine acrid with peculiar smell.

Liquor suffering is what reason

4, the fire when distillation is too big, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Cause heat up in a steamer of certain evil miscellaneous flavour into wine wine has acrid. Because a lot of acrid material are high boiling point, as a result of conflagration air, wen Gao presses muscularity, the acrid material that can not come out general pressure evaporate flows into wine in, in bringing about wine so, have bitter reason.

From above we can see, in the brewing process of liquor, we should ensure raw material is clean full, change without mildew, with music scale moderate, the duration of distillation and establishment are clean, only such, we just can reduce the probability that liquor occurrence hair suffers from.