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Holothurian this kind of echinoderm is a kind of very precious food, also be a kind of rare medicinal material at the same time, have very good nourishing effect to the body, so to oneA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Some for the crowd with economic good condition, can have preserve one’s health and health care through the method with holothurian edible, main effect has essence of life of filling kidney beneficial, and enhance a constitution, the immune force that allows airframe gets adjustment, still can defer consenescence, does complete edition practice have so holothurian chow mien what?

 Holothurian chow mien is complete edition

The first, does complete edition practice have holothurian chow mien what? Preparation distributes food, carrot, chili cuts into shreds, green vegetables is cut paragraph, green garlic cuts end, pea has pared reserve. Oil is lukewarm 78 join into go into business, green garlic explodes boiler, fry sweet. Fry the rest to distribute food again, stir-fry before stewing is fried put soy, mature vinegar, white sugar, 13 sweet. Before in boiling good noodle to put bowl, break up fry. The decoct is good poached eggs before be being put again is placed dish can edible.

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Holothurian two (one Communist Labor University makes an appointment with 80 grams) cut man, carrot cuts man, cucumber cuts man, fabaceous skin, agaric is mincing, green ginger garlic cuts end. Heat boiled water will holothurian Ding Chao is ripe. Oil burns heat, garlic of ginger issueing green explodes sweet, add carrot man to break up fry. Carrot is fried 8 after cent is ripe, add chicken broth of man of skin of holothurian, agaric, beans, cucumber, a few. Add essence of salt, chicken to flavor finally, the starch that use water ticks off Gorgon euryale, it is OK to have pot. Noodle is thoroughlied cook in clear chicken broth, scoop Cheng Wanli, put on the carrot of holothurian agaric cucumber that just has done fourth, scatter on chopped green onionShanghai noble baby

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 Holothurian chow mien is complete edition

The 3rd, holothurian acid of medium ammonia of essence of life is the basis that forms male sperm cell, and have adjust the function of sex hormone, and holothurian just is ” the great rich of acid of ammonia of essence of life ” , empty of impotent to cure, kidney has special effect. Additional, holothurian the element such as medium phosphor, zinc, manganese, Selenium, nickel is right human body a variety of physiology activities, highlight to reproductive function action especially, to promoting sexual function rise very helpful. Additional, holothurian medium multi-element is mixed to improvement recuperation female is endocrine, benign loop has very great help inside stimulative body.

 Holothurian chow mien is complete edition

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What does full page practice have? Holothurian suitable long cut 4, carrot, pointed any of several hot spice plants, onion cuts silk, boiler adds water to be burned, boil into noodle below to 8 maturity, fish out puts cool Bai Kaizhong to cast cool, fish out waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, add a few salad oil to mix divide evenly, (Prevent adhesion) stand-by, boiler is cheered burn heat, break up into onion below fry, issueing carrot silk, silk of pointed any of several hot spice plants, break up fry to become brunet, join salt, soy breaks up fry even, break up into noodle conflagration below fry allLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Divide evenly, joining holothurian, cooking wine, pepper breaks up fryNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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